MSI 8500 GTS - Problem


recently i bought a pc with following specs:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 duel core processor 6000+
2048 mb ram
DirectX 9.0c
MSI Nvidia Geforce 8500 GTS 256mb (default not overclocked)
res: 1024x768 (32bit) 75hz

I have the following problem,

I play Battlefield Vietnam v1.21 but after 1 or 2 hours playing part of the grafics turn bad, if i switch between guns the grafics get very choppy (only the weapon) this also happens during reloading.
all grafics stay well only the gun goes bad. (to fast to make screenshot)
i run the game on High grafics settings.

I tried new drivers, Directx versions and tried over+underclocking the GK, i tried changing AA + AF. tried different resolution, different graf. settings.
i checked the bios for settings to change.
I build in an extra fan for cooling
Standard the temp of graf.card = 37/38 degrees C and after long gaming it doesnt get higher then 48 dregrees.
Tried to tune card via NTune, nothing helped.

I have searched various forums and sites but i could not find a solution to this problem.

I also play BF2 and i get NO problems at all. even after 4 / 5 hours of continious play.

I am clue less i dont know anymore what to do, maybe there are clever people here that can help me or who had this problem and solved it.

any help = welcome !!!

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  1. is there any patches for the game or anything? is it the same spot in the game where your slow down happens? might try reinstalling the game. good luck
  2. I have all updates, and they function great on my 2 other older pc's
    i reinstalled the game like more then 6 times, because i also reinstalled Xp several times and changed drivers
  3. I dont really play those kinds of games myself but remember reading on the forum that some guys were having graphics problems on this kind of game and Tabing in and out seemed to fix it for a while, something about it reseting the video memory cache or something i dont remember exactly what it was doing but you may want to try it.
    One thing i do know is that that card isnt concidered to be a gaming card as such and some say its not much better than onboard so you may want to think about upgrading at some point.
  4. i made a huge mistake - i have a Geforce 8600 GTS 256mb

    but the problem = the same
  5. cre-8 said:
    i made a huge mistake - i have a Geforce 8600 GTS 256mb

    but the problem = the same

    Thats ok my reply stays the same but the need for the upgrade isnt as important now the 8600GTS isnt the fastest card out but it does a good job.
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