Problems when clicking the taskbar

Suppose I have two thumbnails on my taskbar. I click the first one, and the corresponding window appears on my desktop. Then I click the second thumbnail, but it doesn't work.. The taskbar gets "de-seledted", and I need to click it a second time to select it, and only then I can click that second thumbnail and see the second window. Eventually, this becomes extremely frustrating.

Thank you for considering this problem. I really appreciate this.
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  1. Did this problem just start happening? The configuration may have been damaged. You may need to do system restore to return the system to a time before the problem started. let us know if you need help with a system restore.
  2. Unfortunately, I have had this problem for many months now...
  3. you can still set the system back to before the problem started with system restore, or you can repair install the operating system if you have the XP operating system disk. Do the restore first.
    Both of these options do not erase your personal files. Repair install needs to reload the system drivers, from your driver disk or from the manufacturer''s website.
    In any case before you try one or both, back up all your personal files to CD, DVD, or an online backup service.
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