Disk read error

I have an older hp i am trying to re install windows, the disk loads and the screen comes up that shows the setup message stating that it is configuring hardware then the screen goes black.
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  1. The screen might go black while the hardware is being configured, give it at least 5-10 minutes allowance before you conclude that the installation has failed.
    Start your install all over again while keeping this in mind.
    While installing, you may see an option for windows to connect and search for updated windows versions. Keep your internet connected while installing, and use that option if you are able.
  2. That particular screen should be blue. Though, I agree with soundguruman, you should give it a few minutes to see if the display comes back.

    When the screen goes black, are the monitor and tower still on? Or did they shut down?
  3. This may sound stupid, but try replacing that little battery on the motherboard circuit board too. It's a little disk shaped battery that you can buy at the drug store.
    The CMOS may not be configuring or saving the settings.
    Maybe that was not so stupid after all?
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