Quietest PCI Slot Cooler--or how to make one yourself?


I was looking for a PCI Slot fan to aid in my system cooling.
I know PCI fans aren't that effective or popular, however, I have a midrange computer that doesn't produce a lot of heat, and I would still like some cooling on a passive GPU.
Now, it's important to me that it's quiet, since CFM is not as important. Most I've seen are in the 24-38 dB range, and call me picky, but that's too loud for me.

I saw Thermaltake's TMG SL1 (A2414) cooler, and saw that it only makes 16 dB, and I am strongly considering it.
However, I want to also know if there's an easy way to make your own slot fan (and not the ghetto way of putting it together with multiple PCI brackets).

Perhaps you guys know of any empty PCI Slot makers so that I could put my own fan in? I saw Tweakmonster's stuff, and I don't like how you have to install it to the side of the GPU. I'd rather have it face it down and blow air upwards.

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  1. you can look for do it your self stuff @ Frozencpu.com but i recommend you to take the thermaltake one its very good and i dont think you can make something like it :D
  2. Do not trust the Thermaltake spec, their rating is basic BS. but for sub 10 dollars fan, anyone will do. Go to silent pc review, check out their recommended fan list.
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