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can someone give me some ideas I have a maxtor 1tb portable hard drive that has worked absolutly fine with my win xp system until yesterday but for some reason it's thrown a complete wobbly and now refuses to work, all i get is drive not accessable although in my computer its visable .
I have 2 laptops that operate one with windows vista and the other with windows 7 both of these see the drive and both of them will access the drive and anything on the drive works what can I do to get to get the drive working on the xp system again as I want to upgrade the xp system to windows 7 but cant until i get the portable drive to work
I tried uninstalling the drivers through device manager and reinstalling but that didnt work ,any ideas would be gratefully appreciated
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  1. For a quick solution, I would just move all the data on your portable drive to one of your other PCs. Then you can do a fresh format of the portable drive. Whatever is locking you out should be taken care of.
  2. Did you drop it?
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