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I am planning on putting together a HTPC but I need some help in choosing a video card or cards. I have had people suggest one AMD 3870 card, 8800GT, 8800GTX, 2 8800 ultra. All I really want is a card that would give me the best resolution for my 1980x1080 50inch plasma.

Suggestions please - also, please note how big of a power supply I would need to go with this video card.

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  1. if all you really need is the support for 1080p, then you don't need a high end graphics card. you can get away with anything that has built in hdmi which i recomend on getting. i have a 3870 connected to 42 inch lcd 1080p with sound through one cable, which is most ideal. even cheaper hd 2600 had to the same task for $100.

    it comes with the dvi to hdmi adapter which you will need. it's single slot and should be easy to cool in htpc case. plus it has the built in high def decoders for blue ray and hd-dvd, so it doesn't overwhelm the cpu. with gtx you will get a lot of heat. if the ability to display on 1080p tv is ur only requirenment then i would definelty go with this. plus this graphics card uses very little power.
  2. Yeah, I'd go with a 2600XT, 2900*, or a 38*0. 2600XT should be good enough.
  3. I'd say it depends. Do you want to play games at 1080p resolution? What games? If no games, then any of the ones mentioned like the 2600 would do. If you want to game like Crysis at high quality and at 1080p resolution, you may be looking at dual high-end cards like 8800GT's or 3870's.
  4. Thanks for the help guys!

    I do plan on playing games occasionally. Although, I am an occasional tv viewer but ever since I got this tv I find my self watching a lot more tv than before so I anticipate on trying out some of today's games (the only game I play is an old bungie game from 98.) What do you guys think, two gt's or two 3870's?

    Also, I can connect my tv with a dvi to dvi cable or hdmi to dvi cable, are there any differences? I will still have to have seperate audio connections from my surround sound to my sound card.
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