Raid 0 minor corruption

Multiple pulling my laptop in and out of its bag for security checks caused the DVD drive to break. Internally the ribbon also ended up shorting against the case and cutting out. It took me a while to work out what was wrong. The side affect of this was that files in use at the time of shorting have been damaged is some way. The drives are setup in raid 0.

When one of these files is used the computer slows to a stop and the hard drives make a sound like a skipping CD player. This will continue until the program is closed, generally using the task manager and processes, sometimes the computer will need to be restarted to recover.

I've tried to use the vista programs to fix this with no joy. I've managed to delete some of the broken music but its rather accidental finding it.

Anyone know how to fix this or at least find the damaged files?
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  1. Gibson research program called "Spinrite" will fix it without OS reinstall.
  2. I don't suppose there is anything cheaper spinrite is $89.
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