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Alright, here's the problem I'm having. I'm in the market to buy a 2900 Pro by January 29th. I was going to buy it from Newegg, but check this out.

Card in stock:

Card not in stock:

Tell me that's not BS?

Anyways, does anyone know of any other good vendors that sell the 2900 Pro 512-bit at $160 USD? I've currently tried Newegg, Tigerdirect, and Frys. Unfortunatly, I do all my computer shopping at Newegg, so I don't know of any other good PC component vendors. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You do know these are 2 different cards right? That is why one is in stock and the other is out. The out of stock is the more popular 512 bit memory interface model. Supposedly it is a bit faster.

    At any rate, some sites with occasional deals are,, and
  2. Yeah I know that they are two different cards. That's why I'm saying it's BS. They are priced the same, but one of them is gimped. I'll check out those sites and see if I can find anything.
  3. Are we certain that this isn't just a typo on NewEgg's part? Looking over at Sapphire's website, the only 2900pro they mention has a 512-bit memory interface.

    That, and I'd notice that the packages are different... One's code ends with "L" and the other "SR." From what I recall, the "L" would be the "Lite" edition, namely that it comes with just a drivers disc, and not as many cables as it could, and "SR" would be "Standard Retail," which would come with the full bundle in the over-size box.
  4. Well I did a little more research into it, and it seems to be that you are right. I had no idea that's what they stood for, since I haven't purchased an ATI card in a very long time.
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