OMG Finally an answer to the TrayApp problem

Been Searching FOREVER for an answer that made sense to the TrayApp thing. I do have an HP all in one laser jet printer networked do scanning and imagining. I recently had my hardrive upgraded and I couldn't get away from the darn TrayApp window. Now I am going to use the install disk for my HP and I bet you it will remove the error. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
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  1. Doing a repair install of XP often fixes system problems. But don't forget, when you do the repair, you may need the system driver disks, your printer install disk, or other software. A lot of times you can get drivers from the manufacturer website.
    Don't do a repair until you have backed up your personal files to CD, DVD, or an online backup service. There is always a chance that something could go wrong, and you could loose your personal files.
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