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Hello, currently I am running an old IBM server running Windows Server 2003, however when I boot it up with both a usb mouse and a usb keyboard, it starts up just perfectly. When I take these out and prepare to let the server run, in the instance of a power outage, the server will automatically re-boot it self up so I can control it again after it successfully boots up again using remote desktop.

However when the mouse and keyboard are NOT plugged in I am welcomed with 2 errors,

301 Keyboard Failure
8603 Pointing Device Error

From this screen when it reboots it hangs and does not automatically boot past it causing me to hook up my keyboard, restart it so it reconizes the keyboard and press ENTER, ever single time there is a power outage, or I need to restart the server remotely, it gives these errors.

A simple solution would be to simply keep a keyboard and mouse plugged into the server at all times, however I don't have a spare keyboard otherwise I would.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I have to ask - just how many power outages do you have in an average day? The system is doing exactly what it's paid to - reporting an error of missing components. A keyboard and mouse might cost as much as five British pounds - possibly the same amount of US Dollars! Remote control can't cut in until the system is up and running and the message you're seeing is from the server - not from Server 2003.

    Sorry but am I missing something here?
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