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I am having a bit of a problem with wireless connectivity on my laptop. Here is the pertinent information:

- HP Pavilion DV6105us
- Already had it serviced for the wireless problem that these machines have had
- Have had no problems since then...until now
- Can access the internet with a wired connection
- I can connect to my router (D-Link DIR-615) but get a "Limited or No Connectivity" Message
- When I try to repair it, it says that it cannot renewing my IP address
- My desktop, which has a wireless card as well, can connect just fine
- I recently installed McAfee anti-virus software. Thinking that was the culprit, I uninstalled it. Still have the same problems though.
- I have reinstalled the driver for the wireless card

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  1. have you tried setting a manual ip for the wireless card?????

    have you tried re-entering the wep security code?
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