Help with budget 'future proof' rig

Hi all! Just joined and am building my first DIY for a relative. So request for tips/advice from you pros ^^

Usage: Generally surfing, movies/music, word/spreadsheet, lite gaming (low/mid end) , online conferencing with relatives overseas
Budget: under USD$500
Items carried forward from previous brand name computer: LCD, kb+mouse, speakers
Ok here goes:

Motherboard: $60
Processor: $58
Rationale: Start modest now, grab phenom later when its price-performance is outstanding w/o need to change mobo :P
RAM $47
Rationale: Better quality RAM with future phenom upgrade?
Graphics card $70
Rationale: He doesn't play cpu/gpu intensive games so this slot can be improved based on titles he plays in future? Also card is dx10
Hard Disk $66
DVD RW $25
Casing $29
Power Supply $16
Operating System (OS) $110
Rationale: He loves the aero effects and coupled with a dx10 card maybe this is a decent multimedia budget rig hehe
Webcam $19
Total = $500 (YAY!)

What u guys think of my hardware decisions and rationale? Thanks in advance to anyone who could assist me and happy new year!
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  1. ECS A770M-A AM2+ on Ebay for $60 and $20 shipping. Same motherboard @ NewEgg for $65 and $6.33 shipping (plus $5.00 rebate). Seems a good choice in your budget range. A770M Review

    RAM (PC2-5300) $47 and $10 shipping on Ebay. A-Data PC2-6400 2GB $43 and free shipping (plus $15 rebate)

    GPU option: HD 2400Pro $45 Keep watching for 2400/2600 bargins because the HD 3450/3650 are due out shortly.

    DVD Burner $25 plus $10 shipping @ TigerDirect. Samsung DVD burner $26 plus free shipping @ NewEgg.

    Case - $29 and $25 shipping (to my zip code) and has UPC bar code cut out of shipping box so seller can collect rebate.\"[:wr2:1]\"" class="img lazy"> CM Centurion 5 case $50 and free shipping @ NewEgg.

    I think you can see the shipping charge issues @ Ebay by now.

    Hopefully you've saved enough in shipping charges to upgrade the PSU. PSU Choices @ NewEgg
    My suggestion is the Antec EA380 @ $30 after rebate. It will handle your system nicely & have power for upgrading
  2. Not only that, but also possible faulty products from ebay & the headache of dealing with individual sellers.

    If you shop at newegg, you deal with one seller. You may pay a bit more.

    The selection is good, but ebay is a ?
  3. ok im not gonna click on all the links im lazy and busy (bad mix), BTW just list the names of the products, everyone here now their specs.

    all you need to make sure is that (if intel)
    the MB is post 965 generation, ie x38...

    it can take at least 4Gb, even if only 2Gb is put in at first (ie 2X1gb in a 4 Slot MB)

    the MB accepts PCI ex 2.0

    500w PSU minimum

    duel core (minimum), Quad is nice not needed

    you dont need ddr3, ddr2 has only jus become the de factor

    dx10 GPU like 8500/hd2400 ect (even if you dont game)

    160Gb @ 7200 minimum

    and i would recommend vista HP x64 (64 so you get the 4gb of ram in the future) don't get home basic its a dismal experience
  4. I agree, DO NOT buy parts off ebay. Use newegg as a start, then check mwave, and sometimes frys and zipzoomfly, the last 2 usually have free shipping on items, usually not what I'm after,but you never know. I only use ebay if I'm working on an older machine and need parts I can't find anywhere else.
    I would also suggest doing at Intel build, more future proof in IMOP.
  5. Awesome guys! Ok think i'm gonna stick to newegg then and revise hard ware choices based on suggestions:

    ECS A770M-A AM2+ Motherboard $65
    Brisbane 4000+ $58
    2400Pro $45
    Samsung DVD burner $26
    A-Data PC2-6400 2GB $43
    CM Centurion 5 case $50
    HP 64 bit = $112
    Antec EA380 PSU @ $30
    Seagate 250GB HDD $66
    Creative Live! Cam Vista IM 4L 0.3MP $19

    Revised total w/o delivery charges = $514
    Looks good to me!

    Keep finetuning/suggestions coming ^^
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