scary sounds when installing a q6600

Just out of curiosity, is it normal to hear a sort of "crunch" sound when installing a CPU? I'm putting a Q6600 into a Gigabyte DS4 board and hear that scary sound. I open it back up and there doesn't appear to be any damage/scratching...nothing. I suspect it's the locking mechanism that sort of rubbed against itself, but just wondering if others have heard it, too.
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  1. Never had that sound when I built my pc.

    It's probably as you speculated; the locking mechanism is the culprit.

    As long as your pc runs fine, I wouldn't worry too much.
  2. No, that sound should be normal. I thought the same thing when I installed my e6400 on my Ds3 board a year ago. No probs here, it's just the mobo i suppose.
    just curious, what are your system specs?
  3. Intel's socket always makes me scared. Seems like I have to put way too much force into it to close it.. but there is never a problem.

    As rabid said, you're fine.
  4. i just put in a q6600 on an abit ix38 and heard that sound as well. I believe it has to do with the processor shifting on the pins when you close the locking mechanism.

    I was pretty scared as well, but i wont know if i broke it till my gfx cards arrive on monday ^_^ though no visible damage was present.
  5. Whew! Thanks for setting my mind at ease. I won't worry about least until I get my GPU (tomorrow, I hope) and get the thing up and running.

    Specs will be:

    Cooler Master 690 Case
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (with Rosewill Cooler)
    Gigabyte P35-DS4 rev. 2 motherboard
    2 GB (2 x 1 GB) Crucial Ballistix 8500 RAM @ 1066 Mhz
    BFG GeForce 8800 GT OC 512 MB (with stock cooling--should I upgrade in violation of the warranty?)
    Corsair HX520 PSU
    LG 20X DVD +/- RW w/ Lightscribe (transferred from existing rig and IDE, so will be on an IDE-> PCI card)
    Seagate 500 GB SATA HDD perpendicular (though this may have to wait for a sale or I might buy s/t else)
    2 X WD 250 GB IDE HDDs (transferred from existing rig)
    Pair of JBL speakers which I like the sound of, but aren't shielded
    Old 19" Samsung SyncMaster 763MB monitor that works fine. Keeping it until I can afford some nice LCD that works well for gaming (Any thoughts on these inexpensive 2ms Chimea LCDs that I've seen lately at

    Updating from P4 2.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, ASRock P4I45D Mobo, BFG GeForce 7800 GT OC (AGP and running only X4)

    What do you think of the build?
  6. WOW! looks great to me!
  7. OH YEAH?

    My old build:
    Athlon XP +3000 @ 2.1, OC to 2.1 [haha]
    MSI KT880 Delta (freaking thing won't overclock 5MHz without crashing)
    2x1GB DDR400 @ 2-3-2-5

    New build to be built monday: (waiting for GFX cards to arrive)
    AC Freezer 7 Pro
    Q6600 @ 2.4 OC to 3.6
    Abit IX38 @ 1066 OC to 2000
    4x1GB DDR2-800 OC to 1000 (OCZ ATI Certified)
    2x2900Pro @ 600/1600 OC to 850/1900 (Aiming for 1000/2000 if i can lol)
    ABS Tagan ITZ800w (20A on 6 rails each, 750w)(2x6pin, 2x6+2pin)
    1TB drive space
    XClio A380-PLUS case (250mm front intake fan, 250mm blowhole exhaust fan, 360mm side intake fan)
    20" Widescreen Viewsonic LCD (looks real nice, but not high enough resolution to replace my 21" CRT)

    Big monster it is.
    Big monster it's gonna be when i'm done with it.
  8. Korsen, your build looks AWESOME! What's that gonna set you back?
  9. 1,237 for everything but the GFX cards and ram (also bought a 500GB HD so that's included in the price, as well as a lightscribe DVDRW drive)
    ~385 for the two GFX cards
    ~140 for the 4GB of ram.

    56$ rebate for the two sets of ram
    40$ rebate for the PSU
    20$ rebate for the monitor, SO:

    1750 for everything before rebate
    1640 for everything after rebate. Not too bad i think.
    Woulda cost me 1450 but my wife didn't like my old monitor, so i bought her the LCD.

    EDIT: This pc is gonna last me a while so that's why i got it all.
    My old build would've lasted longer but a single core makes me want to choke myself because i'm a megatasker, so i really really need the quad. I don't really mind playing stuff on low, but i can't stand when my pc mucks up when i'm trying to unzip archives, xfer them, do a disk defrag on one drive, and run a avg scan on another. (while listening to music and surfing the net and playing a light game)
  10. what are the both of you planning to do with your older rigs?
    Just curious...
  11. My older rig is going to my wife because all she does is use it for music, net, and runescape. No heavy gaming. All she has is a laptop so i told her i'd give her my old desktop if she wanted it and she did.
  12. Not sure, really. Thought I'd offer it to my brothers first, then might Ebay it or see if there's somewhere that can benefit from a donation.
  13. gary101 said:
    Not sure, really. Thought I'd offer it to my brothers first, then might Ebay it or see if there's somewhere that can benefit from a donation.

    Lol.. same thing I do.

    I have 3 systems sitting around while I redo them and sell them to friends of mine or give them to family.
  14. Korsen, this is kind of my long-term build. The P4 lasted me about 7 years, though I replaced everything but CPU and mobo along the way because of heat and performance problems. I'm hoping to get about that out of this build, too.

    I hope yours turns out great!
  15. Cool.
    I'm hoping to get my parents to give me back my dell so I can hook it up to my new LCD tv and use it as a media center. Would be a great use of it for me considering it is from early 2003 and fitted with maximum ram, a decent graphics card, and a new psu. Plus, then I might get to build them a new pc! WOOT!@
  16. Yeah, i'm hoping all i'll have to replace every year or two will be the graphics cards. Since 4 cores at 3.6 should do fine for my megatasking, I don't think i'll be doing anything intense enough to need to replace that for quite some time. I don't mind playing stuff on low, so I think a cheap but powerful crossfire setup will do me just fine for the next two years.

    I was previously on a 6800GT (just an underclocked 7800GS almost, really) which i overclocked to 400/1250 - did me just fine for a while, but the single core is choking me.
  17. I also do editing of my home videos and some other stuff that chews up CPU--ever do a TuneUp shred of 12 GB? I think the quad core will do nicely for these applications, plus multitasking.

    Plus, I should be able to run lots of intense software (read: CRYSIS) at respectable framerates for the next few years.

    p.s. Hey! I just move from 'stranger' to 'newbie'!!!!!
  18. heh, crysis. Hopefully i'll get more than 15FPS with my setup
  19. Just curious gary, but how much did you pay for that P4 7 years ago?
  20. Good lord, I don't remember. The chip itself? Probably less than $300. Total build probably cost about $600-700. Now that I think about it, though, it seems that the P4 chip cost almost $500. I seem to remember being really annoyed by the cost and my friend (who helped with the build) telling me it was worth it.
  21. :) years ago it was at least $ now you're paying less than that for your q6600!

    It seems to me that the overall price of computer parts has decreased within the past two years. Now, you can build something equal to my system for about $1200 compared to what I paid for my whole setup $1700! and taht was a year ago!
  22. Seven years ago the willamette core Pentium 4 was released at a price of 819 $ in quantities of 1000...

    It was fun, even duron processors could get near that one...
  23. korsen said:
    heh, crysis. Hopefully i'll get more than 15FPS with my setup

    Nice. I have the same setup except Asus mobo, 2GB ram and only one 2900Pro. But you got the 512MB GDDR3 version. I have the 1GB version that uses GDDR4 and you might have wanted to opt for that one in order to OC the card since it comes at a faster memory speed stock(900MHz) and I know you can pump the memory to 1100MHz(2200MHz effective) at least.

    And for Crysis, you should get a nice 30+ FPS as I set mine to very high(in Vista too) at 1280x1024 and it was smooth the whole way. Even when I used the TAC launcher. Man that nuke never looked so beautiful except when it wes incenerating those darn Korean soldiers.
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