$900 good gaming rig possible?

For real?? I was searching the net just now and i got this thread which is related to what i wish to do: (very new to DIY :p)


That darth dude with the 5000+ black edition and MSI mobo - is that choice good and is there anything you would change/improve yet stay at that price he quoted? Looks as if it could perform really awesomely at that price but i am not sure hehe Also those people in yahoo answers have no idea that 3850>>>>8600/7900 it seems! And a small fortune on cpu+mobo and skimping on graphics card on a GAMING rig (other suggestion in that thread) doesn't sound right for me...anyway thanks in advance :bounce:

p.s Can one *really* get a 5000+ BE to 3.7Ghz on air?? Thats a one in a mil shot right?
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  1. Be wary of ebay deals, unless you have experiences with them.

    3.5-ish is the highest I've seen, but unstable. Can't orthos. You should be shooting for 3.2ghz stable.

    How about a free semi-decent cpu cooler?

  2. Sweet - thanks for brining that deal to my attention ^^ So would you say the price-performance of this rig is above average or so-so?
  3. A decent gaming rig for $900 is entirely possible. Here's a sample:
    The mobo, GPU, and PSU are now out of stock, but this is just a quick example I came up with for my niece last week. Alternates for those parts at similar prices are available.
  4. just wait for amd 780 chipset which will have integrated graphics far better than current entry level graphics cards . also add an entry level 3470 series card which will cost 60$ and release in jan too . with amds new technology Hybrid Crossfire , the integrated graphics will combine with the external card to give much better performance . also the motherboard consumes just 1.2 watts at idle , and with the new technology the power to graphics card is shut off when u arent running anything that needs the card so thats even more power savings . add to this an x2 5000+ processor . this will form a very good core that wont cost much so remaining money u can spend on better components
  5. yes it is, I have oen my self

    Core 2 Duo E6750
    P35-NEO mobo
    2gb of DDR2 ram
    nvidia 8800GT

    The 4 main parts which cost about off the top of my head costed me like $600-700, that extra money goes towards the case/HDD/disc drives/keyboard etc. It costed me $900-1000 idr but yes its entirly possible and after OCing the video card a bit it runs crysis like a charm.
  6. Its possible, you do overclock??

    If so get a P35-DS3L mobo, E2180 CPU (overclock to 3.0+ easy), 2-4 gigs of Ram, a nice 500+ watt PSU, and an HD3870 or 8800GT

    (Look at my hardware config, that cost me under $900 with Vista, no monitor)
  7. Ya definitely overclocking and thanks guys for offering alternative configurations ^^ Hmm i thought the 790x (MSI K9A2 CF) is better for gaming than 780 chipset?
  8. Just a Rig I made in case someone's looking to make one for 900$

    OC the E2160 to 3.2GHz and with the new GTS Crysis will be pretty sweet.:D

    Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L Rev. 2.0 - $87

    PSU: CORSAIR HX CMPSU-520HX - $90 (10$ MIR)

    OS: MICROSOFT Windows Vista 32-Bit Home Premium - $98

    GPU: EVGA GeForce 8800GTS (G92) 512MB - $350

    CPU: Intel Dual-Core E2160 Allendale 1.8GHz 1MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor - $82

    Case: COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 - $50

    Drive: SAMSUNG Black SATA DVD Burner - $30

    Ram: A-DATA Extreme Edition 2GB - $50

    HDD: Western Digital Caviar SE WD1600AAJS 160GB - $50

    Total: $887

    Good Luck
  9. 790FX would be the best overclocker for AMD. It overclockers AM2 CPUs a bit better than AM2 boards.


    If you're shooting for a high o/c, Intel is the way.
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