Why don't Vista and 2600 XT handle HDMI LCDs (HP w2207h)?

I have experienced big trouble trying to connect a HP w2207h (the new one with HDMI input instead of DVI) to a HD 2600 XT card using a DVIxHDMI cable in WindowsVista. The card/Vista claims that the LCD is a HDTV and hence choices shown are just 720p, 1808p etc..

Native resoulution is 1680x1050 60 Hz. When I try to force the driver (using CCC) to 1680x1050 the screen goes black (has to pull out power cable).

Somebody is fooling here, is it Vista, driver og the monitor?

The only trick for getting native picture on the w2207h is to boot up with a different LCD and hot-switch cable with the w2207h LCD, then it shows running mode "64Khz 60Hz".

BTW: The w2207h work fine on a different computer (Nvidia Quadro110/Windows XP).

Any hope?
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  1. I'just talked to HP technical support. HP are aware of the problem. The problem is in the communication (EDID?) between monitor and graphics card. They have no fix at the moment.

    I'will try to install Windows XP instead. Last solution is to switch to a different graphics card.

    Or is it possible to create a new mode and tweak the card to accept it?
  2. OK

    Happy ending!! After a week of trouble shooting, searching and several support calls, the solution came to me from a guy in a different forum.

    So: Don't use the ATI provided DVI->HDMI adapter + HP provided HDMI cable. (I have also tried a different DVI-HDMI adapter and cables). Buy a DVI-HDMI CABLE and it will work !!! It has to be some wirings in the adapter that differs.
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