Hi guys, need help on best upgrade path

Hi all, i built a computer and plan to upgrade at tax time. Have been real busy with family so no time to keep up on computer technology. I play games, poker and surf net. My system now is Lina Li case, AMD Athlon 3000+ processor, Asus k8v motherboard, 1 GB ddr ram, 74.5 GB hard drive. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Well i am not a DIY pro but if u want to stick to AMD systems there are awesome budget AM2+ motherboards from ECS and Biostar that can be coupled with the energy saving x24000+ Brisbane proc for a nice budget 'future proof' DIY. You can upgrade to a phenom in the next few years and maybe for now a 2600Pro from the types of games/application u do?

    Possible mobos
    Saw the latter @ USD$85 at my town last week :P

    Possible graphics cards

    Think you can get a cheap price with your needs. Just a few suggestions but wait and see what the pros say hehe. Oh and happy new year :P
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