Windows PX PRO SP3 with all the drivers

I need xp pro sp3 with all the drivers to install in an other computer
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  1. there is SP3 XP which you can buy from places like amazon, ebay, trident, etc...and these have some drivers included, but there is no guarantee that it will have all the drivers you need. To get the drivers you need, look up the model and make of the computer, download the drivers from the manufacturer's website, or obtain the driver CD from the manufacturer. In the case that you have the motherboard make and model, get the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer (like example, Intel).
    Then you will also need the printer install driver disk, or other peripheral device drivers. Again SP3 does have some printer drivers included, but not for every printer made.
    There is no SP3 disk with all the drivers for any computer, it's a hunt, unless the owner saved all the disks that originally came with the computer.
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