High End Micro Atx Motherboard?

I'm looking for a high end Micro Atx motherboard but these are the best I can find:
Are these the best that are available? Could someone provide links of better ones?
Thanks ^_^
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  1. P5B-VM does not has the RAID option the P5B-VM-DO offers if you are looking at the 965G chipset. The 965G support some of the 65nm Quad cores, but not 45nm processors. These micro boards have little in the way of the overclocking ability a full P965 board offers if that's what you want. I assume the G33 chipset may support Wolfdale as well as some quad cores, but again micro boards normally do not offer the overclocking ability of the full atx boards. The 965G is an older chipset than the G33 if that helps. Also, ASUS MB's have the American megatrends BIOS while MSI has AWARD Bios. I believe. User preference.

    This would be a better choice thann the P5B-VM-DO which I have.

  2. Yeah I looked at that one but 1 PCI slot turned me off.
    Not sure if I 'm gonna overclock, Well not sure really where I am going with this build but I was hoping there were other options available.

    Thanks ^_^
  3. The 965G boards support Q6600 and Q6800 extreme processors, but do no support the new Penryn processors. I assume the G35 chipset will support Penryn. I returned the P5B-VM after building it with a e6600 and built with the P5B-VM-DO I have now for nearly a year. Runs fine, but I would rather have the Q35 I linked. My ASUS P5B-Deluxe 965 will overclock circles around the P5B-VM boards.
  4. The Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R is a micro board that supports RAID, firewire, comes with an eSATA bracket that supplies power, and has a lot of oc options. I think it is limited by heat though, so I doubt it will go as high; the Northbridge on mine gets a little toasty for my liking.
  5. ^ NB is toasty. I'm thinking of getting an aftermarket HS. I'm at 3.6gHz, no trouble though.
    Got mine at Newegg too. Now it's not there anymore.
  6. Sorry to ressurect an old thread but I settled on this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130120
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