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I'm putting together a system for home use, mainly for "general" use by my wife (browsing, word processing, some fairly heavy spreadsheet use) but also for video processing (authoring DVDs) and some light gaming (nothing cutting edge). Here's what I'm planning on purchasing: (CoolerMaster Centurian 5 case) (FSP Group 450 watt power supply) (Sapphire Radeon 2600 Pro video card) (MSI P35 Neo motherboard) (Intel E6550 processor) (2 GB Wintec Ampo PC6400 memory)

I'll put in a 250-320 GB hard drive and a DVD burner that I have spare and install Windows XP Home.

Is there anything I should change? Something where spending a little more would give me a lot more performance or where I can save a few dollars for not much performance loss?
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  1. I'd go with this power supply;

    Are you going to overclock?
  2. That seems like a worthwhile changed - better efficiency for not that much more money.

    I haven't decided on overclocking yet - I've never tried overclocking before and I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile or not.
  3. The reason I asked about overclocking, you may want to add a CPU heatsink/fan and most have to installed with the MB out of the case. It's alot easier if you do that while you'e doing the assembly
  4. I'll decide on overclocking before I buy everything and if I decide to overclock I'll definitely add a heatsink/fan to the package.

    What type of gains could I reasonable expect to get by overclocking this system?
  5. go for the 2600 xt
    and if you can a q6600 it's like 100$ more but futureproof
    and go for a bigger power supply 550
  6. Would I need a bigger power supply for this configuration if I don't overclock?

    No PC component is futureproof :wahoo:
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