Laptop and Graphic Cards?

Over on yahoo Answers there is like a million people wanting to upgrade there laptop's graphic "card." I have been telling people this is impossible because there is no "card" in laptops. After doing a quick search, I guess there are some "chips" that can be replaced. So I decided to post here to the experts.

Can you upgrade your graphics on a laptop? Is it an at home job (like graphics on a desktop) or is it really just something the manufacture would have to do?

Has anybody upgraded there graphics on a laptop?
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  1. You can upgrade the VGA on SOME laptops ( some Sager and other brands allow this for example fro 7950GTX to 8800M GTX or ... )
  2. I would think thats it not reccomended with most Laptops, although its not imposible. I'm sure there are some laptops out there in which its designed to have these things upgraded. Kinda makes me want to see if I can upgrade the video on my laptop.
  3. Like Maziar was saying, there are a few laptops out there that allow it. These laptops are usually extremely high-end, probably only about 3% of laptops out there can do this.
  4. yer as above.

    Watch out for the near future tho as i predict a surge in these type of laptops allowing customization and including LGA 775 c2d
  5. IndigoMoss said:
    Like Maziar was saying, there are a few laptops out there that allow it. These laptops are usually extremely high-end, probably only about 3% of laptops out there can do this.

    More like 0.1%

    Most people don't like spending any more than £500 on a new laptop.
  6. You can and actually the number is alot higher than you think. But it's tricky, and most importantly it's very difficult to find retail mobile graphics cards, since most companies don't sell them separately, they only offer them to people as repair parts. There are a few people who sell them like this guy;

    They are in a few different forms (primarily MXM, MXMII, MXMIII, MXMIV, and some Axiom..), and you are limited by the connection and by the power and thermal properties of the laptop.

    Here's an example;

    Anywhoo, that should give you some insight.
  7. So like Dell and HP laptops, they aren't ones that would be able to be upgraded? Or does it just depend on the model?
    Thanks for the answer.
  8. Well in the link above it's a Dell that's being upgraded.

    You really need to dig deep for the information to find out if it's possible to upgrade the laptop, and if there is an option that is an improvement, like if you're on MXMII and you already have a GF7600, there may be no better option for you so, techically it is an upgradeable laptop, it's just at the highest point it has.

    Anywhoo, unlike desktops, tweaking laptops takes a ton of ground work a preparation, just to even find out if it's possible.

  9. Like some of the posts have already said, it's not impossible. However, it's not as simple as opening the side panel, removing the old and popping in the new. Upgrading a laptop's graphics is primarily practiced on SOME high end laptops and SOME gaming laptops. These particular laptops are actually designed with slots on the side or a compartment on the bottom where with a little work you can remove the current card and replace it with another one. Some of these laptops actually carry full size cards rather than mobile cards as well.

    But for the most part, upgrading a laptop's graphics isn't a possibility. A lot of laptops come with onboard integrated graphics, which aren't upgradeable. And the ones that come with mobile graphics, are usually designed for that specific card, so they aren't designed to allow access with the intent of removing the card, let alone do they have the potential to support better cards.
  10. Overall, better off just spending the money on a new laptop with a GPU.
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