RAMBUS, rimm, RDRAM Motherboard: Best alternative

Hello friends,

Right now, I'm building a vintage PC with RAMBUS memory and hopefully 400 mhz FSB P-IV motherboard.
I'm planning to buy ASUS P4T-E instead of Intel VC820.

I wonder, which motherboard ever released would you consider to be the best to use with rambus memory? Do you think that P4T-E is a good alternative or would you recommend something else?

Thank you!
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  1. Why? RDRAM is so expensive, it's not worth messing around. I have thrown out RDRAM mobos just because of that. Heck, for the price of a 1GB kit, you can build a whole new system:

  2. Buying new memory from the stores right now is not cheap. They put out memory with original 2002-prices just in case someone is desperate enough to buy it. At the same time they auction the memory on eBay for lower prices.

    So the best way to acquire RDRAM is to buy used memory. It's still expensive, but for me - it's worth the risk, 'cause I already have most of the components needed.
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