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Hi;help me understand my hard drives storage,it is layed out like this. hard drives have C capacity 27.94Gb-19.o2Gb free space.
the D drive Capacity 27.94Gb-27.29GB free space.
now for my understanding correct me if i'm wrong,
C drive has 8.92 Gb free. And D has 65Mb. is this true?thanks in advance
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  1. No, the free space is... well... the free space.

    c: 19.02GB free and d: 27.29GB free.
  2. maybe i'm not following you correctly but just right click on the drive, and if it says you have 19.02 free space, then that is the amount free. You don't have to subtract those numbers to get free space --- just look at what it says
  3. thanks guys i went to the disc defraguementer and it says
    C, 19.86 free space 53%, and D27.29 free space 97%, but i download stuff on the D worth of 380mgb so i summed it up and i com up with a missing 317mgb short maybe the rest went to c drive?
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