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Ok I am not a wiz but I am pretty good with a computer. I got this dvd rw from a friend and I installed it on my computer. It shows up under "My computer" as DVD-RW drive (D). But as soon as I put a blank dvd-r in the name changes to CD Drive (D).. So it will not let me burn anything every time I try I get an error of some kind.Computer does not recognize it as a dvd,only cd so there is not enough room to write info..I have a before and after screenshot of my computer
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  1. A. turned out to be due to installing an Nvidia IDE driver. This driver can also cause optical drives to function incorrectly. If you have an "nforce" motherboard and have that IDE driver installed, try removing it.

    B. CD and DVD drive installed on same IDE cable. One drive must be set to master, the other to slave.

    C. Uninstall then reinstall burner software.

    D. Repair install (not reformat) XP from disk, with drives plugged in. System will re-configure. (try that last, you will need to reload motherboard drivers)

    E. Might just ID the device driver its using [device manager /dvd-cdrom properties], remove the dvd/cd from device manager, delete the file off the computer and reboot. Windows should rebuild it upon bootup.
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