Cannot boot into Windows? Hard drive failure?

My laptop will not boot into windows. After about 3 tries I did get it to power on but then it had an error message, it just said it had an error and to restart, I did this a couple of times with the same result, Then put in the disk and it went through loading it and I chose the standard option it went on for about a half hour but then said it could not start a device. to close and restart, I did now it says it had an error during install and too close and restart. Now that is all I get. I have done the standard restart from disk about 6 times and from the hard drive 3 times no luck. I have windows Vista Home premium 32-bit. 2 GB of A-Data memory.

Now my question is could this be a hard drive problem and if not what could it be? Thanks in advance.
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  1. check the bios to see whether the hard drive is listed,

    you could try download the free version of ultimate boot cd (on another machine of course) and try running their hard drive diagnostic tools.
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