Vista 32 sleep mode + 8800 GTX = beep! (HELP?)

This is a repeat of my previous thread which I accidentally posted as a message...

Yesterday I decided to start doing my part 'reducing my carbon footprint' by setting up sleep mode in Vista.
Unfortunately although I may be saving power by activating sleep, when my PC goes to sleep my 8800 GTX emits a loud beep.

I understand that when Vista enters sleep mode it powers down my PC's components including its' gfx, but also that my 8800 is beeping because it is not getting enough power.

Surely the clever chaps at Nvidia/Microsoft thought about and addressed this issue when designing their gfx cards/writing the sleep function into Vista?

Is there some fix or workaround available or am I bound to keep my carbon footprint as is in this regard and avoid using the sleep function?

I've searched on google and their a number of other people who have experienced the same problem. As far as I can tell no one has offered a solution as yet.
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  1. Workaround solution and reducing your carbon footprint: Turn the computer off.
  2. I see where the OP stands but.. Turn the thing off
    Back in the day on the old windows operating systems the sleep mode would cause crashes
  3. Mine beeps when coming out of sleep mode.
  4. Maybe you can remove the speaker/Piezodevice from the video card?
  5. I have a smilar problem.

    MB: ASUS P5k-Premium
    Video Card: Nvidia GE8800GTS 512
    System: Vista

    When I come back from sleeping mode I have a message saying I dont have enough power to run in full speed my Video Card and it slow down the speed of my Video Card. When the power is reduce I can't play with my game at full resolution.

    My first thought was to do a System Restore but today I've found the reset default values button for my Nvidia Driver and it seems to bring back at full speed my VC and my play works correctly.

    I will work around and test it but the first think we should do is to stop to use Sleep Mode from Vista.

    I hope it helps
  6. The same long beep (3-4 sec) happen here with one of our system when resuming from S3 sleep mode.

    From what I can tell, the beep comes from the motherboard speaker, and not from the graphic card itself.

    Everything seem normal after that. Annoying.

    It's a GA-P35-DS3L and eVGA 7900GS, on Vista 32bits Premium
  7. I don't have that problem but I do hear a 1 second beep from the 8800GTX only when the computer shuts down.
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