tuniq tower vs scythe ninja rev b for a q6600 please help

i will be building a new computer soon and i am wondering what will be the best cooler for the job, i am going to be using a

-antec 900 case
- either a ds3l or neo 2 mother board
-ocz 2x2 gig ram

i am wondering what will be my best bet for a heatsink cooler the tower or the ninja, ill be overclocking the q6600 to 3.2 ghz which is a 8x 400 multiplier and i am first of all wondering if the cooling would be sufficient then i am wondering if its going to fit, these are my main to concerns, next im wondering if it does fit will it also fit if i put a side window fan on it, how tall are these things,

then lastly im wondeirng which motherboard would work better with this and with this kind of overclock

thanks for your help and opinions
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  1. my vote goes for tuniq tower and ds3l. Not sure about your case but I know that the tuniq towers are pretty big.
  2. yea, thats my main problem, the thing is huge and its about 2 pounds, worried about crackin the board really
  3. Why not the Thermalright 120 xtreme? Rated everywhere the best cooler.
  4. cause with a good fan on it, it will be close to 75 dollars, doesnt seem worth it to me to spend more on a cooler then on my motherboard
  5. and just to give more info, the ninja is 40 dollars and the tuniq tower is 52 with the led fan
  6. Until the TR Ultra 120 came out, The Tuniq was one of the best air coolers.

    I am pretty sure that the Tuniq uses a support plate on the underside of the motherboard, so the weight will not matter that much. Just be a little careful when you move the PC. That applies to all of the large HSF's.
  7. ok, but will it fit, and will i be able to use a case window fan with it,

    and then i just had a quick question, whats the difference between,




  8. A $75 Mobo isn't much.......
  9. 10 dollars gets you pretty blue lights and a rheostat.
    Go tower, get an Antec 900.
  10. p35 ds3l is like 80 dollars
  11. and is it worth the 10 bucks for the rheostat? im guessing not?
  12. so basically by that test the scythe ninja and the tuniq tower are basically exactly the same and i should just go for the cheaper one
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