Video Card Dying?

Hi everyone,

Looking for some thoughts/help. I just recently started having wierd problems with my video output after installing a few new games. DaOC and EQ2. When I first installed DaOC I would randomly lose video output, the moniter would go blank then show the no video message but at the sametime I could hear the music from the game or whatever. Though when I did lose video I also tended to have PC lag/lockups (I could tell because vent would lock up and I'd hear a person talking just repeat) I rebooted and would generally get video back but sometimes I'd need to reboot twice to get it back.

Now it seems to be less random happens around specific times. Like when I'm trying to alt-tab or quitting the game and its dropping the video back to the desktop. Since this started I also sometimes have screen flickers and sometimes after hard booting after this problem I get random groups of different color pixels.

Just looking for any thoughts suggestions. I've updated to the latest Nvidia drivers as well as DirectX drivers. (I have an Nvidia 7900 GS)

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  1. Hi jeffro
    I had a friend recently who's pc would re-boot every time they tried to open control panel,sounds like a very specific problem but it was only dust in the pc causing over heating of the conponents and she was only going to control panel after it had heated up and started showing probs, i suspect that is what is happening here if it has been going on for a while its possable the card is damaged for good. One way of checking this is to check the Graphics card temp if its high then its obviously overheating.
    Of course it is possable that the card is just dieing slowley of its own accord but either way you will need to take the side off the case, If its very dusty clean it (Gently), if its clean in there and the card is still getting hot then you have a bigger problem. Check it first and get back to us. :)
  2. drivers

    you may need old drivers

    or you may have driver remnants

    reload the drivers a few times to wash the system
  3. is it too late? I had this problem before.

    Set your PCI Express freq. to 115.

    That helped my situation.
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