Weird graphics during startup(widescreen probs)


I've got a problem that's been bothering me for a while. It's my cheap 22" widescreen monitor, Benq FP222WA(d-sub). The links below shows the problem.

This is only during BIOS and when Windows is loading, after that it works fine. Does anyone know why this is? i've tried with different graphic card without luck. My current is a Asus GeForce 8600GT 512MB GDDR3.

Please help me out!
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  1. like Strangestranger said, if everything works good after loading windows, dont worry about it. but if something is wrong after loading windows then you better do something.
  2. I think your monitor is bad, hopefully it is still under warranty.
    It seems to be the low respolution is what it doesn't like.
    Try tapping F5 when booting to enter safe mode, then try to set you resolution to 640x480. If you have the problem at that resolution then you will have a better idea of what is wrong. Also you could try both the VGA and DVI outputs on the vid card, as well as a differnent video cable. This is not normal operation, but the monitor may not be the problem.
  3. Thanks for the fast replies. Yes, ignoring is what i've been doing.

    Hehe...i solved it, how funny, i pressed some button on the side panel, and it worked :)
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