How do I change CPU fan speed to 100%? GA-P35-DS3L

I'm trying to follow the OC temp guide. Im on section 9:Calibration and I can't figure out how to change fan speeds, particularly the CPU fan which I need to max. The CPU fan speed in PC Health Status is running at around 770RPMs.

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  1. Disable fan control.
  2. In BIOS?
  3. got it :D
  4. On a similar note, is there anyway to get my fan speeds lower? I got the same mobo, and between the PSU, rear intake, case front and tuniq tower, I got 4 120mm fans. That's 480mm worth of fans--over a foot and a half worth of fanage for the less metrically inclined--and it's kinda of loud.

    At least the tuniq tower came with a rheostat. Do I have to look for a hardware solution to do this? or is there a bios-level way to do it?
  5. in the same mobo. u can use "smart fan" that is bios setting which will control speed fan automatically.

    or use speedfan (software). although u need to configure ur speedfan.
  6. Dunkel said:
    got it :D

    HI could you please tell me how to change the fan speed?? I mean where to make changes? and how to do that ??
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