Block DHCP from obtaining a specific address

I am currently experiencing an issue trying to enable a laptop to automatically obtain an IP address over a network.

When attempting to obtain an IP address the laptop will obtain a duplicate address from a network printer that must remain static.

Does anyone know of a way to block a specific IP address from being obtained, so that DHCP client will try to pick a different IP?

I would rather not give the laptop a static IP address nor do I want to change the IP address of the printer that a dozen people have mapped to there machines
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  1. in for the answer. I setup my home network and a desktop was doing the same thing it was being assigned an IP that was already active. The desktop did that with the wireless card I installed, and the onboard LAN. I ended up giving it a static IP to solve the problem but never what exactly caused that to happen in the first place.

    It has to be something in the router/switch
  2. dont assign the printer an ip address from the dhcp pool....
  3. Add an exclusion to the DHCP pool for the IP used fopr the printer. All you need is the MAC address of the printer.
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