Help needed ! Fan failure.

I have just noticed (after having been using my PC for the last hour or so) that the 3 Antec Tricool fans in my Antec P182 are not functioning anymore!! On closer inspection, the Zalman cooling my cpu and the fan on my 8800gts 512 is working ok. But, the Antec 650W truepower fan is not rotating either.
I have looked at the connections all seems in order. The Tricool fans are connected to the power supply not the mobo, and they are snugly fitted together.
Using an Asus P5W DH Deluxe, I read a while back that the fans would not spin on low setting for some weird reason, so up to now I have had all on medium speed and despite the heat given off from the 8800, heat has not been an issue.
What has possibly gone wrong ?
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  1. Turn off Q-Fan and see if they spin up.
  2. Hard wire the fan into one of your mains sockets, it will work then.
  3. I'm running a P5B deluxe wi/fi, all three tricools on low, all working fine. Also they should be coming from a molex on the PSU and bypassing the mobo completely.

    What happens if you put them on high and then turn them low. They could be dusty?
  4. Turned off Q-fan, made no difference. Tried hooking up just 1 fan to one of the the Y- molex from the psu.
    Checked bios. PC is clean.
    PSU fan also is still not working..but PC is...have both case doors off while I type this. Is this potentially dangerous btw?
  5. Still found no solution :(
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