Hard Drive #1 Problem - Need Help!!

In this post ill explain the problem im having with my 500gb drive. (western digital 5000ks Sata)

It was working at 1 point and I have no idea why these problems suddenly started.

After it causing problems in an XP based computer, I decided to temporarily shelf it which was about a month ago. I am now trying to use it in my new computer which is Vista based.

If the hard drive is plugged in at boot, my mother board which is an Asus M3A78-T will recognize it in the bios, however windows will not boot. The screen just goes black. I unplugged the SATA cable and allow windows to boot. At such time I can replug the SATA cable back in, however windows will not recognize it as being plugged in. It is also not recognized in windows exploer, or disk management. I tried Western Digital's tools however it did recognize it either.

If I go into Device mgr, and right click on "disk drives" and select "scan for hardware changes" windows will recognize at this point. However this is where things get trickier. While windows is installing the device, device manager will freeze in the middle of it. I then tried to open windows explorer in which it just freezes. I now go back to Western Digital's data lifeguard and open it. However, it freezes as well.

These problems only happen if the drive is plugged in. Am hoping someone will have a solution this will fix this, or atleast get close to it.
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  1. If it's under warranty just RMA it.
  2. nope not under warranty, has important files on it as well.
  3. :Sigh: Anyone??
  4. If you had important files on it, you should have backed them up while the disk was still working. As a matter of fact, important files should always be backed up, no matter how good a system is.

    If you really need those files, then send the disk to a trusted data recovery place.
  5. Try to use a linux live cd to recover your files. I'm pretty sure linux can read a drive without the BIOS recognizing it. If you manage to get your data off then use something like hiren's boot cd to test the drive.

    Good Luck
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