Which motherboard is suitable for gaming??

Hi. I want to build my computer that is the best one for gaming. I thought that maybe someone could help me choose between these three:

Money is not the problem. The problem is which one. I am a beginner so I don't know mmuch which is the best.
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  1. Not MSI. I've used Gigabyte on some recent builds and had no trouble. People around here also like Asus, but I haven't used one of theirs in years.
    in any event, you certainly don't want socket 754. That's ancient.
  2. Asus and Gigabyte are really good. is up to you to decide which one is better for you. also the P35 is really good.
  3. Look for a P35 based board. I've gone for MSI because it was cheap.
  4. I also thought that the MSI is a bit out dated. I was wondering to go for the the gigabyte but i am in doubt which is the best one between the Gigabyte and the ASUS. They are moreover the same I think but I don't know which is the best. Thanks for anyone who is replying and giving advice.
  5. A gaming motherboard with money not an option. The best you can get is a Asus Striker 2 Formula.
    http://computers.pricegrabber.com/motherboards/m/61256859/details/ I would go with the Asus you listed if your budget doesnt allow to spend more.
  6. The Striker would be total overkill since the OP calls himself a beginner and does not mention SLI, much less triple-SLI. And even if the price does not matter, he can still spend the € 150,- - 200,- he saves by taking a P35 instead for better RAM or CPU or 4-5 games.

    Or for a nice evening with his girlfriend or two.
  7. Go with the Asus if you don't need Crossfire. P35 is a good chipset.
    Get the X38 if you want the latest and want Crossfire.
    Socket 754 as has been said before is dead. There is no more development.
  8. My last 3 boards have been the Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (nforce2), the MSI K8N Platinum(Nforce3), and now Im running the Gigabyte P35-DS4 (P35). They all allowed me to push my respective CPUs to the fullest and they all lasted several years. As far as manufacturers go, I dont think you will have a problem with any of them.

    I would agree with evongugg that your best choices are between the P35 and the X38 boards. Definitely do not get the socket 754 board.
  9. I'd go with which one has the features you want. The big 3 are ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI. Any choice will most likely do fine. Do your homework so you're not wasting $$$
  10. As a beginner, I'd recommend the Asus primarily because if and when you want to overclock, they are about the closest to a one click solution you will find. Another reason I like Asus is that they always have a top notch product in both the MoBo and vid card arenas. Having the same vendor when troubleshooting makes life a lot easier as TS can't give you the "it must be the other guy's hardware" line.

    A big factor in your selection will be whether you will, now or in the future, use two (or more) vid cards. That puts you in the position of having to decide between nVidia's SLI or ATI's Crossfire.

    If money is truly no object, it's hard to find something hotter than the Striker.
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