Hard Drive on Brink of Crash - What to Do?

I have a crucial problem and in my brief looking around this site, I can't seem to find an answer. I have a 250 GB Western Digital Drive. A few days ago when I was trying to copy the files off of the drive onto a new drive, the computer did a complete and hard reboot. No BSD, just went right to black and then rebooted. I've tested it and when the drive is unplugged, the computer is fine. When the computer tries to access the drive, its like pulling the plug on the machine.

So here is my problem. I figure my drive is failing, but I have some data that I need to get off of it before it kicks the bucket. I'm wary of doing anything else that might hasten its death. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I have some old writings on the drive that I do not have anywhere else and am desperate to get them off the drive.


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  1. Well, this is interesting and/or slightly more problematic. I plugged the drive into another computer I have in the house and it works fine (at least for the time being). So what can cause a drive to have issues with one particular computer but not the other. The drive plugged into my new machine is showing no issues at all. So my data is saved, but do I possibly have bigger PC issue or MB issue?

  2. The easy solution would be to buy a cheap USB drive enclosure and transfer the data off that way.
  3. The problem might not be physical problems with your hard drives at all. Too much corrupt files in your hard drives could've caused your computer to reboot like that. If you have saved all your files, you can try to run chkdsk on your 250gb hard drive from your other computer. It might boot up. But I would recommend that you reinstall the OS on your 250gb HD.
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