Lets see some Antec Nine Hundreds decked out...I need ideas guys

Anybody gone beyond the 3 stock blue fans in their setup? I want mine to look nice but not to flashy. Maybe a flux capacitor would look nice in there or somethin. I just need some ideas

Also, what do I need to buy to keep my cable management clean?

First build, Im excited and kinda freaking out. Im not worried about setting anything up except I dont want a cluttered case. I got the Antec Neopower 650 because it has blue lights that match the case, its a solid antec supply and its modular.
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  1. You need a modular PSU and I agree... the NeoPower 650 is very sexy :) and you'll be happy with that, it's an incredible unit. The Antec 900 has 2 optional 120mm fan slots, one is one of the drive cages and the other is one the side window, I'm going out tomorrow to buy two 120mm Thermaltake Thunderblades for those two to improve my graphics card cooling even more.

    Don't be so stressed, the Antec Nine Hundred is a killer case and so is the PSU you bought, I'm happy you got those two :) I've got the Nine Hundred and a NeoHE 500W (The little brother of the NeoPower Blue) and I couldn't be happier.

    EDIT: I might even try to get a pic tomorrow night after I'm done setting the new fans... hopefully they'll have some blue LED ones left.
  2. Thanks man that would really cool to get some pics.

    Oh yeah I lied about this being my first build, my first build I tried to use a 230 watt power supply out of an old computer I found layin around and it didnt go so well and I didnt realize the problem at the time.

    Hopefully 650 watts will be enough, Im gonna get the Q6600, 4 gigs of ram, an 8800GT and only 1 hard drive and eventually 2 optical drives (once the blu-ray hd-dvd combo drives are dirt cheap)
  3. ill show you some pics with mine when im done, im doing a blue and red color combo.... did it for a friend in a cheapy build one time and it looked pretty tight, my only prob is that everything "uv red" is orange, so im doing a bunch of custom led configs for it
  4. my next step is homebuild case =)
  5. I just recently posted my new system build with the Antec 900. The 900 has precut holes that make cable routing very easy. Nothing crazy needed to make it look clean = )


    Here are some of the pics:

  6. Don't worry that is a TRUE 650W unit, not the kind of **** that Cooler Master (or other cheap manufacturers) sells. I'm powering 1 HDD, 8800GTS (So a lot more power consumed), 2 sticks of DDR2, and an E6400... oh yeah also soon an X-Fi and I still got lots of power to spare, so you'll be perfectly fine.
  7. Looks like the Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 there in the picture. Just got 2 of them for $40 for my son's computer upgrade for Chritsmas :)
  8. Question:

    Will SataII hard-drives fit behind the internal fan bays with a fan installed? I've seen images with this case without the fan bays, and it just seems that hard-drives won't fit when using the internal fan bays. As seen on the right side of the below image. Are there hard-drives behind those internal fan bays?

  9. well if you look closely the harddrive is right between both fans, and if you read wireless fenders page, he can only use 1 hd because the fans are in the way, and usually antec 900 cases only come with 1 of those types of fan holders, but like he said he had an extra
  10. No, hard drives will not fit in the bays with the fan there. Since I only have one hard drive I did it that way but I will eventually need a second so I'll have to do away withone of the spare fans and put the HDD's there.
  11. wirelessfender, did you lap your Q6600 or Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme?

    Does 120X need lapping? From what I hear, sometimes the base comes quite convex.
  12. it was noticably convex but my cpu is concave. I think Most Cpu's are concave too. And No I didnt Lap my 120X but I plan to someday whenever I get around to it.
  13. This is my Nine Hundred off:

    My Nine Hundred opened (off):

    My Nine Hundred opened (on):

    My Nine Hundred on:

  14. wait a sec, What the hell do you mean by a flux capacitor?
  15. hahahaha nvr seen back to the future?

    go watch it its good and ull understand flux capacitor
  16. nice build :)
    guys how about using UV wraps ??
    will it look good ?
  17. Yea I know what the movie is but I thought this guy was being serious... I was like wha?
  18. Lol i actually googled it thinking it was real....rofl @ me. im looking to get an antec 900 also and i really like yours wireless fender.

    where are thoseblue LED's from on the bottom in the front of your case?
  19. I believe that the blue LED's on the lower front are from a fan controller. I bet you could fab a way to hook up those fans behind the harddrives with some kind of a bracket extending it from the drive cage. Very nice looking mod wirelessfender.
  20. Haha you fell for the flux capacitor what the heck

    Nice cases guys
  21. wow, that was funny
  22. To be opposite, Bling free :)

    @ emp - Ohhh Green :)
  23. xD Yeah I needed 2 more 120s and the local shop was only carrying Thermaltake Thunderblades and had just run out of Blue LED ones :) So it was either green or red.
  24. The Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Speed Controller Is by far the Best fan controller EVER. The Leds are a bit bright for me but I will fix that on my own. And the best part is its only 15bucks! (BTW had an overpriced piece of zalman junk before, it only powered my fans up to 7v. It was 40 bucks! This one goes the whole way to 12v. 20w per channel So you can hook a couple fans to each channel)

    Get yours here: http://www.petrastechshop.com/surhfanspcob.html (currently out of stock because its so awesome = P You can find it somewhere else probably But I recommend Petra's they are really cool.)
  25. Check this out.


    I just picked one of those up with an extra hard drive to put Vista on. So I’m going to have to take one of the fans away and put the 2 drives in that bay. but with the bay where the hard drive was previously I'm putting that nifty little card reader with display in. I'll Post Pics when It’s in.
  26. Darn. You mean the flux capacitor was just a joke? I was hoping to be able to power my system with banana peels and beer cans.
  27. Nice looking cases. I lapped my Thermalright 120 (non-extreme) and my fx-62, but my understanding is that the 120's are designed convex as this improves the cooling. That's coming from anandtech's website, they are manufactured that way. But I really wanted to get past the nickel plating and down to the copper core.

    That fx-62 is one of the hottest running proc out there (125W) and I am currently running it at 3 Ghz and it is 35C as we speak. Same temp on my motherboard, 35C. Stress testing I can get it over 40.
  28. BTW, I thought for this build I would do some cable mods and I was very pleased with the results. I don't have a 900, but my Apevia X-navigator looks pretty sharp. I'll see if I can upload some pics.

    I am going to be investing in a 900 in the near future because of the excellent airflow.
  29. coolermaster stacker 830 for the win
  30. @wirelessfender
    do petra ship out of usa ??

    i m planning to get those rheobus fan controller .. nd m havin a hard time finding it ..no1 keeps fan controller here :|
  31. I've had my 900 for about a year now, and love it. I haven't done anything special to it, but I've noticed that newer versions have some holes pre-cut for cable management where mine, an earlier version, did not. I put it together without and managed to get the cables to look very clean, but the next time I pull everything out for whatever reason, I'll know where I need to cut some holes to make it even cleaner.

    Great case. Super quiet, super cool.
  32. I noticed those new holes when i built a system for a friend. They also changed the HDD cage a little too and added water cooling hole and grommets in the back........
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