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Hi guys, I'm having a hard time formating my system. I recently got virus that was so bad i couldn't access my desktop, so i am now formating my hard drive. I go through the process of a clean install and i make the partition I hit quick ntfs and it goes on fine until it restarts the computer. All it does is it either loads up on the cd or it hangs on a - mark on a black background, and later tells me non system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready. I'm wondering if jumper settings may have something to do with this or if the hard drive is screwed up.
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  1. get on your motherboard manual, find it by the model and make written on the board, download it and check the jumper settings. Check the disable intrusion jumper, if there is one. Reset the CMOS jumper.
    Go into the bios setup and load the defaults, set the file system to NTFS if there is an option in the bios. (check that setting)
    Check the disk sectors with a Hiram's boot disk.
    You can also run a Panda Internet security disk Or Norton 360 disk without running windows. Those both are capable of detecting / curing hard disk errors. Then try reformatting and re-installing.
    OK so none of that worked?
    OK, so you need a new hard drive?
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