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I just replaced my P4 3.4 with an e2200. I sold the P4, but kept the heatsink and fan. The heatsink itself is twice as tall as the e2200's. I was wondering if it would be much better than the e2200's heatsink. I am not overclocking now, but when I get a better graphics card I will. I am mainly just curious what the temperature differences would be, so if anyone has tried this, if they could please tell me. The only reason I haven't tried it is because I have no thermal grease, and just don't feel like ordering some right now (although I will check CompUSA to see if they have some on clearance.)
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  1. You need to do this to check your temps. DL Coretemp and Orthos. Run Orthos and monitor your coretemps. Be careful, I'm really worried you replaced your CPU and did NOT USE NEW thermal transfer material. You could be cooking your new processor.

    Anything over 65C isn't good when your testing your temps on your CPU.
  2. Right now, I have the e2200's stock HSF in, that came with cheap thermal grease on it. I am wondering how much better a P4's stock HSF will be. I have not tried this because I have no new thermal grease to use.
  3. I would assume the P4's fan would keep it cooler since the cooling requirements are higher. Just like the HSFs that ship with AMD's Opty's are way more ownage than the ones that shipped with 3800+ and 4200+ Windsor X2's.
  4. ^Agreed
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