X1900CF or 8800GTX....

Greeting all.

I have an X1900 Crossfire edition card in my rig, seated in an ASUS A8R-MVP mobo, and was debating an upgrade.
I am interested in purchasing a single 8800GTX so that I can appreciate DirectX 10 effects, however I have also noticed that the THG GPU Charts show that two X1900's in crossfire pretty much stand up to a single GTX in frame rates and 3Dmark scores. Now seeing that I can buy an X1900XTX for around £40, my question is this:
Is the added expense of buying a 8800GTX worth the few DirectX 10 effects, or will there be other differences that I have not considered yet?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I wouldnt recommend buying a new 8800GTX at all these days the 8800GT and the GTS 512 are both close on performance and far better value for money, Id recommend a SLI board and a GTS so you have scope for a second GTS taking you far out of the league of the 1900xt in the future.

    I own two GTX's, but I brought them over a year ago I wouldnt buy them today.
  2. Thanks for the advice, but I will probably leave my platform as it is for a while yet, I have an FX-60 which does a nice job, so I am hesitant to leave my 939 board.
  3. Might be for the best to stick with what you have for now, the 1900 isnt a bad card for most games, I upgraded from 6600GT to the 8800GTX's the 6600 GT just wasnt cutting it by that time. I reckon it can only be a matter of time before we get some genuine new technology coming in anyway, the 8800 series has been around WAY to long now. Far better to buy a high end technology at the start of its life than at the end when upgrading.
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