Changing encryption from WPA-PSK to WPA.Thompson 585v7 router


I have Thompson 585v7 router, with Tiscali Broadband. Need to know how to you change encryption type from WPA2-PSK to WPA?

This is because I'm wanting to add another computer to network, and to do so Tiscali installation CD requires that installation be done in WPA only.

I have tried using the advanced tab on the Thomson "Wireless Confiuration utility"(vHW.14) but had no luck.

Some help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    To avoid the foibles of the Tiscali installation disc, connect the computerto router via an ethernet cable and address the router's user interface directly from Internet Explorer.

    Router IP address is probably (you can check this from the Command Prompt in Windows, typing ipconfig /all).

    Router's Login Username is admin -- and Password is probably admin or password. Under wireless settings you will be able to select the encryption method manually.

    When connecting a new computer, usually simplest to disable encryption temporarily until you have a reliable link.
  2. Thank you. Problem solved! :-)
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