watercooling a q6600

Hi i have done a lot of research on this forum and many others. I have literally scored the internet and am back here. So i just want your opinions as to what parts to get to watercool just a q6600. I know that i want a black ice series 240mm radiator for sure. and 1/2 " tygon tubing. I want the whole setup to cost within £150. lower is better. Any ideas? Any pointers to where to buy from (in uk) would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys
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  1. How about this? will it let my G0 q6600 reach 3.6ghz?

  2. It's not necessary for q6600@3.6ghz. Everyone runs it at that speed with a decent air cooler. I get 58C max load on 3.6ghz, and 69C on 4ghz.
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