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i have a very simple mobo- asrock 4core-vsta.
it has 1066 fsb, ddr 2 667.
my cpu is e2160 1.8Ghz @ 2.52Ghz.

the mobo has an AGPx8 & PCIe x4.
currently i use msi 7600gs AGP 256MB.
for 2007 games at 1024x768 AAx4 max Q it runs nice ~20FPS.
older games run at 60FPS with no problem.

i bought a 1920x1200 monitor, dells' 24" hc.

is it worth the money to pay something like 160-200$ for a new Card?
my options are not wide,
1950pro on AGP or PCIe
any other nvidia card will be more expansive & since i plan to buy a new pc in april i don't want to spend a lot of money.
this pc will stay as a media center pc.

i remembered this articale about ATI 1900 not using all the x16 lines, this is y it's my choice.

if anyone can bench a 8800gt 512 on a pcie x4 it would be great, compering it to x16.

the use of my pc is for gaming & HD video.
corrently i have fun with games, but with the new monitor, there is no why i can pass the 1280x800 & play.
i don't even shure about vista's aero on 1920x1200 & the "office use" like word, outlook & stuff in this res with the 7600 card i have.

so after the long explanation-
is it worth the money?
which card is recommended?
if the 1950pro/gt on AGP or PCIE?


the new pc will probably will be 2x3870, Q9550 2.66Ghz (probably OC it to 400x8 to get 3.2Ghz) & Gigabyte x38-DQ6 with 2GB 1066. (if the 780i will be in a resnoble price, i'll go with 8800gt 512 SLI)
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  1. i just noticed that Sapphire annonced a 3850 512mb on AGP.
    what do you think?
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