Windows Vista Boot Mgr problem


Any help greatly appreciated.

Windows Vista Startup problem.
Windows Boot Manager--Error message--

Windows has encountered a problem
communicating with a device coonected to
your computer.
This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an
USB drive while the device is in use, or

by faulty hardware such as a hard drive

that is failing. Make sure any removable

strorage is properly connected and then

restart your computer.
If you continue to receive this error
message, contact the hardware

Status: 0xc00000e9
Info: An unexpected I/O error has


Actually I only tried to transfer files to another WD External hard drive. Windows Vista(Home Premium 32 bit) gave a mesage that the Disk is currently in use and it needs a startup and it tried restarted on its own.
It did not restart but showing up a blank screen.
Then I tried to use Windows Vista
Start up disk Which I created with
Software from Cnet as startup disk for
Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

I tried to fix the problem by putting the startup disk in the cd drive.
It says.. Windows is loading files..
and about loading say 50% or so....half the way after loading
files it stops doing nothing
and after 10 minutes showed the above mentioned message.

Please help me. I don't know
how to start my computer.

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  1. Before anything else, did you disconnect the external hard disk?
  2. Actually I did not disconnect my external Hard drive. I started to copy the partition C Drive where operating system is ---to WD 1 External hard drive
    and at that time I was making a CD with Roxio as I wanted to burn some
    files on my desktop. That is all I did. The CD Burning was over before
    I tried to start the partition copying process in the Windows.

    I thought that was not a problem copying the Whole C partition
    in Windows instead of doing that on startup. Otherwise I would not have done.
  3. What do you mean by "copying the whole C partition"? You can backup the C partition, but you can't copy it if you booted from it. Besides copying it is not a complete backup.

    Again, what happens if you disconnect the external hard disk? Does the system boot?
  4. No Sir/Madam. I tried to start Backing up from Windows C partition. Before
    actually starting the process I wanted to make a DVD of some of my
    project data files as I thought this backup will take quite sometime
    and I may need some of the files on my computer before the backup
    gets completed.

    So I started Roxio DVD Burner for making a data disc.
    And I thought this is not going to make any affect on the
    Backup Utilility as I thought I can wait till the actual DVD got burnt
    and I can click on Start button (or may be the NEXT button --which
    will actually start the Backup process).

    But all of a sudden --It gave a message that the system
    needs a restart. And it restarted on its own and thereafter
    I was stuck without the Windows getting restarted. I thought
    it is actually backing up.. and so may be busy.
    I left it without disturbing it for 2 days.

    And the I Restarted the computer after disconnecting the
    Western Digital external Hard drive.

    The Windows did not restart......after that.............
    It was just showing up a Blue screen.

    I am having norton Internet Security on my computer
    and I believe my computer is not having any Virus problem...
  5. If you performed backups on a regular basis, you knew how long they take. Why did you wait for 2 days?

    You could perform a restore from the last backup or you could try a startup repair: You should make sure that the system boots from the correct hard disk if more than one drive is installed. You could try to boot from a DVD or a USB key and use tools to ensure that the hard disk still is readable, etc.
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