Do I need to upgrade my MF bios?

Hey guys!

I'm currently running a 3.6GHz Q6600 on my ASUS Maxmium Formula. My BIOS version is 0505. My memory is GSkill DDR2-1000 2GB*2. I've got a serious trouble. My memory won't stay stable under 1066MHz. It crashes when the computer is fully loaded. For example, it crushed when i was playing need for speed pro street.

Is it possible to solve it by updating my BIOS?
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  1. Slow down your overclock? Run memtest for 4-6 hours to see if it's a mem problem? Reduce your NB strap? Try it with just 2 meg. Run Orthos with ram stress, you get errors?
  2. OK, I solved the problem by increasing DDR2 voltage to 2.2V.

    Now my mems are running at 1066MHz, very stable.
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