I have installed 2 os on 1 partition


i have installed 2 os on 1partition

i gott a hp mini and i have a 250gb hdd and 1 gb ram

once i tried to install windows XP it worked fine but i was missing the old files of the old os (win 7 starter) i forget to back up my files
but after a few weeks my computer doesnt boot up i cant acces windows anymore

what did i

first i get my vista installation cd

than system recovery
then select windows 7
ok that was done

after the reboot i had the same problem

so i thought about installing win XP again ok i did that and i choosed for keeping all files and no changes after the "1part"of the installation (i dont know how its named but you have 2 parts of installation of win XP 1st part is the part you boot up in the cd second part is the part you boot up in the HDD) my PC starts up in win 7 starter and i gott all my old files back but the i was missing my new files so i checked the hdd and i see windows XP and windows 7 files in one partition but i do not have a boot manager (like chameleon)
so all the time i was caring both of the OSes with me on the pc
but now i worry about what is gonna happen in a few weeks , is it gonna crash again? or does it still works?

please help me becouse i liked it if i could choose at wich os i wanna boot before booting

(sorry for by worst english i am dutch)
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  1. BTW i am new here
  2. You'd make your life a lot easier if you used one hard disk or at least one partition for each OS. You can't install several OS in the same partition without serious issues.
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