CPUID:06FD Patch ID:00A1 shows at POST / GA-P35-DS3L

Hi all,

I have a weird problem with my recently built PC (3 days old). When I first built it about 3 days ago, it was ok. Everything works smooth, no abnormal messages showing at the POST screen. It was just perfect.

But then:

My brother plugged his IPOD mini into my new system. The device was detected and it seems fine. However, I restarted my system WHILE the IPOD mini is connected and my system suddenly freeze at POST

Here's a picture:


Stopped at "Memory T"

In addition to the POST freeze, I saw a message (shown in the picture too) saying that:

<CPUID:06FD Patch ID:00A1>

Just to clear things up, I have 3 different PCs here. The Ipod mini works on the other PCs (doesn't freeze at POST). I also borrowed my sisters ipod mini and both of their ipod minis freezes my PC. I guess its my PCs problem.

Other devices like, camera, external hdds, flash drives, other MP3 players (that uses the pc to charge) DOES NOT freeze my PC at POST. Its just the ipod minis.

Now, when I remove the ipod mini, my system boots fine. The POST freeze problem only shows up when the ipod is connected when passing POST.

One more unusual thing, the IPOD mini DOESN't CHARGE in my new PC. No matter what I try, it just DOESN't charge. It just have a steady amber light (should be blinking).. thats it. Other PCs (even very old old old one) charges the ipod minis fine.

Another problem is the <CPUID:06FD Patch ID:00A1> message doesn't go away anymore. Its there forever. This message only showed up when I plugged in the ipod mini. It wasn't there before!

BTW, my old gigabyte motherboard had the similar message but only says CPUID:0681 ... I'm not sure anymore because this board is dead already, I just remembered it. I'm also sure that it wasn't caused by the ipod mini .. because there were not ipod minis back then. I just ignored that message before since my system was working fine. Now, I don't want to ignore this message with my New PC.

My Bios is F5 and I don't want to flash it yet. I want to make sure what I'm dealing with first.

I've already cleared the CMOS, removed the battery (30mins) .. the message still won't go away.

Few questions:

1) What does this CPUID:06FD Patch ID:00A1 message MEAN?

2) Is it a bad sign of a bad board? Should I be scared of this message?

3) How can I make it go away? Honestly, its annoying (since I did not see it when I first built my pc)

4) Why does my system freeze at POST while the ipod mini is connected?

5) Why the hell CAN'T I charge my Ipods?

There are my system specs:

Processor: E2180
Mobo: GA-P35-DS3L rev 2.0 F5 bios
GFX: Palit Daytona 7300LE 128mb
Memory: 2 X 1GB A-DATA Vitesta 5-5-5-18 / 1.8V (rated)
HDDs: 1 x 80GB SATA WD / 1 x 80GB IDE Maxtor
DVD: Samsung DVDRW 20x - SATA
Powersupply: Antec Earthwatts 380W 80plus certified / 2 x 12v rails at 17A
Cheap Cooler Master Case Elite 380? - forgot
17' Trinitron Dell CRT flat monitor

*I never over clocked or did any modification in my system* All hardware is running at stock speed

Please help

Thank you in advanced.
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  1. thats strange. i have ipod shuffle. n it works just fine. my pc will post. n battery will charge.

    why not trying ur ipod mini in another pc with the same mobo as urs. i dont have a mini, nor i know anyone who has it. so i cant try it for u. sorry. but if u can find someone else. it should do the trick. n c if it is mobo issue, or not.
  2. Yeah .. I wish I could do that. I actually think that its just my specific computer problem. Probably if its a know issue, a lot of people will be flaming againts Gigabyte. I'm more worried about the CPUID message everytime I turn on my PC. Do you experience that message with yours?

    Thanks :)
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