Poor RAID5 performance with ICH10R chip on ASUS P6T

Configuration: 3 Seagate 1TB ES7200, motherboard ASUS P6T, intel i7 and ICH10R on board RAID chip.

Peak performance for RAID5 is poor 17.5 MB/sec., measured with Sandra. :sleep:

Any suggestions? Anyone already try this and has experience?

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  1. yep, that sounds correct. main reason why i hate raid 5 soo much.

    lets help you out a bit...

    do this configuration:

    2x1TB seagates in raid 0
    1x1TB seagate as backup. get acronis to make scheduled backups for you :)


    that is much better and you actually get performance while backing up your data on a regular basis.
  2. raid5 is not poor performance, but using crappy controller is poor performance.

    if you use a real sata raid5 controller with a processor on it, then it rocks, but using that software crap is just not good and will never be fast
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