Memory or motherboard?plz help

Hi,i know its my first topic,but i cant find correct answer..
I have problem-s..
First my system:
Gigabyte P34 DS4 rev 1.0 bios F11
Q 6600 @3 ghz
4x1Gb ocz ddr2 1066
Asus GF 8800gtx
600W ocz
Antec 900
WD 750Gb aaks + 320Gb seagate
plextor+samsung dvdrw

i was on holidays,and my pc not working for 2 weeks.When i back and turn on,it start works strange-didnt post for few times,reset button didnt help,only power button,after few restarts,its stops working at all.
I rebuilt all my pc,comletely.After that again few unsuccsesfull boots,and message - bios recovering..then again no one post.I try to remove all memory and play with every one stick,and find one which not working.Now pc works with 3 memory sticks,but still,if i turn off pc and in the morning turn on,i need reset it with power button,otherwise pc wont post,or stops post on cpu model and dont go further.
It can be something wrong with motherboard or something else?
I realy very apreciate answers.
Thanks and sorry for my english :)
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  1. if that isn't the latest bios, try flashing it to the latest one.

    if it's not turning on right away, even with one stick of memory, then you probably need a new motherboard, or possibly even a powersupply.. It can be hard to diagnose these kinds of issues.
  2. Try clearing the CMOS. Try running the diagnostic/repair software from the hdd mfg's web site. Try a different PSU.
  3. I actualy clear cmos so many times :(
    And the bios is last - F11
  4. Cold try a different PSU
  5. I try diferent psu,same sh*** ...Probably need take my friend pc,coz he have almost the same,and try every part from it..lots of job actualy,but no choice :(
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