Overclocking 8800 GTS 512 (G92)

How can i overclock these bad boys? Lol... and keep the weight down from ripping them off my mobo (I got some ideas for that though) So I have checked out the Nvidia homepage and downloaded the nvidia tool(I'm running Vista) Just wondering what i should be overclocking also in my system. I have really good air flow. Not sure how fast I can get the air moving with out making it loose too much density. Some issues though... even though it is supposed to be an OCed card I am getting reading of normal GPU speeds. I should make sure it really is running at those speed and also, I want to look into some after market cooling. Even though the Asus setup seems fine, the Zhalman air coolers look great
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  1. brb lol
  2. GPU-Z to check clock speeds.
  3. try 740mhz, 1800shader, 2100memory
  4. ohh i also forgot i scored 15156 with these OC clocks in 3dmark06 winXP with my Q6600 G0 at 3.2ghz

  5. you can try gainward's Expertool

    I tried ATI tool in vista 64 and you have to go through the whole driver signing crap and it still didnt work. Expertool seemed to work right away with no problems. I haven't tried OC'ing yet but there's a fan speed adjustment that works real time. Oh, and I have the EVGA 8800 GTS 512.

  6. smart tool ofcourse has many fan settings and also realtime =)
  7. Good article on Toms

    W/ Vista, programs (Riva tuner, Ati etc) do not automatically enable overclocking on startup. The best and easiest way is to find your overclock w/ a program (I suggest Riva Tuner), test it, then flash your video card to those settings. The Tom's article goes over most of this.
  8. ginbong46 said:
    smart tool ofcourse has many fan settings and also realtime =)

    can you use smart tool/smart doctor with non-asus cards? I'll assume you can...

    also does it have a 'test' feature or like find max memory clock like in ATI Tool?
  9. You won't have all the options available if you use SmartDoctor with non Asus cards. It was made only for Asus cards.
  10. Checkign my sig... sorry i did not put it on before (lol way tooo big oops) those are my system specs
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