Corsair or crucial 1066 ram?

who has better luck with what ram in the 1066 range, Corsair XMS2, or Crucial Ballistix. Since I just ordered a E8400 and a Asus P5E Mobo. Should be here in 2 days :D

Either of the 2 have a more stable OC time if I ever decide to OC this E8400 beast?

Thanks, your info will be appriciated to the maximum. :bounce:
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  1. Crucial Ballistix.

    Corsair doesn't seem to OC well.
  2. Go yeah, go with Crucial Ballistix Tracers. Overclocks like a mother and uses Micron chips too. Found some good deals on for $77 2x1gb.
  3. I was always a Corsair fan back in the DDR days, but have switched to Crucial. The Crucial Ballistix 1066 is outstanding memory that gives you huge flexability in timings and overclocking. By far the best memory I have owned yet, and at current prices it's a bargain.
  4. kk, thanks for the fast feedback fellas! Yeah I kinda like how the Crucial ballistix tracers have lights on them they would look sweet in my thermaltake armor case with the side window and all the other blue lights on the cases fans!
  5. On newegg people are saying just stick with the original Crucial ballistix because some stuff is wrong with the tracer series? I usually don't take newegg reviews too seriously since you can rate without buying items, but is there any worries about the Crucial tracers that you guys have heard of?
  6. Honestly, I would not put too much faith in Newegg reviews just as you have said. I'm not trying to convince you between brands here, that's entirely up to you. But, I would not base the decision on their review system.
  7. Some people might have some bad luck with memory. That's why you have the lifetime warranty. If it ever dies, just don't admit that you overclock your ram and you should be fine. One of my Tracer stick died cuz I overclocked the voltage and didn't have sufficient cooling. RMA was easy as hell and now I have a brand new stick to overclock again.

    Might as well go with 4GB, I went from 4GB to 2GB cuz one of my stick died. During the whole time w/ just 2GB, my system really missed the extra 2GB. Never going for anything less than that.
  8. Word on the street is the tracers oc better and are tighter on the timings but the leds make em hotter.
  9. Crucial Ballastix because they are pretty much gurenteed to have D9 chips. :D :D
  10. The Ballistix do get hot, I have myself a OCZ Ram cooler and it cools all 4 ram slots. Works great and looks good while doing it. Bought it on ebay for $20.
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