Computer slowed down

hey i just installed a 500gig segate 7200.11 and since i installed that it slowed down my computer a huge amount i noticed just want to see if there is any opinions on what could be causing lol

my computer
intel q 9550
asus p5q-e mobo
4 gig cruicial ram
ati 4970x2 sapphire
750w psu
vista 64 home premium
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  1. Run HD tune, your Reads and your access time probably suck real bad.

    It could be that Vista is taking a bit to index it as well. One it gets it indexed it should speed back up.
  2. ok i run hd tune pro 3.10 on benchmard (read) my results were

    tranfer rate: min - .9 mb/sec
    max - 107.3 mb/sec
    average - 44.5 mb/sec

    access time 37.3ms
    burst rate 22.9 mb/sec
    cpu usage 3.2%
    temp 21C

    how are those numbers compared to anything i have no clue lol is this what is causing me to slow down

    thanks in advance
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